Dahua Dome Security Cameras N82AL32 : The Best 8MP IP Option


Dahua Dome Security Cameras N82AL32: The Best 8MP IP Option


The Dahua Dome Security Cameras N82AL32 Model is an outdoor 8MP IP dome security camera equipped with a 2.8mm fixed lens, offering a resolution of 8MP. It also features IR capabilities and utilizes the H.265+ video compression technology. This camera is part of the Arctic Pro fort worth N82AL32 Dahua Dome Security Camera ip 8mp, Dahua Dome Security Cameras N82AL32 fort worthseries.
This device offers various compression options, including Smart H.265 Plus, Smart H.264 Plus, H.265, H.264, H.264B, and MJPEG.
The camera has a 105-degree horizontal field of view.
The maximum frame rate and resolution are 15fps at 3840 x 2160.dahua hikvision technology
The lens is fixed at 2.8mm, and the sensor is CMOS, measuring 1/2.7″.
The device is designed for outdoor use and is protected with IP67 IK10.
The aperture is F2.0.

Dahua N82AL32 8MP Starlight Dome 2.8mm

The Dahua Dome Security Cameras N82AL32 8MP Starlight 2.8mm is a cutting-edge security camera that can capture high-quality images and videos even in low-light conditions. The starlight technology lets the camera deliver clear, detailed images with minimal noise. The camera also features a 2.8mm lens with a wide viewing angle of up to 110 degrees, making it ideal for monitoring large areas. With advanced features like motion detection, night vision, and remote access, the Dahua N82AL32 is an excellent choice for residential and commercial security.

The Dahua Dome Security Cameras N82AL32 are equipped with starlight technology, which allows the cameras to capture high-quality images even in low-light conditions. The cameras have an 8 MP maximum resolution and a 2.8 mm fixed lens with a true WDR (120 dB) and day/night (ICR) function. They also feature a full IR LED length of 30 m (98.43 ft) with Smart IR and Intelligent Video System for added security measures, including infrared illumination. Thanks to their durable design and advanced features, including visible light and tioc technology, these cameras are an excellent choice for indoor and outdoor surveillance in low light.

Is there a mobile app or software that can be used to control and monitor this camera?

Dahua Dome Security Cameras N82AL32 can be controlled and monitored through the Dahua mobile app or software. This allows users to access live video feeds, adjust camera settings, receive notifications, and playback recorded footage from their mobile devices or computers.

What is the viewing angle of Dahua Dome Security Cameras N82AL32?

The Dahua Dome Security Cameras N82AL32 have a wide viewing angle of 112 degrees, providing a broad coverage area for surveillance. Thilows for maximum visibility and reduces blind spots, ensuring comprehensive monitoring and security.

What are Dahua Dome Security Cameras?

Dahua dome security cameras fort worth 8mp ip

Dahua dome security cameras are a versatile and dependable option for monitoring your property, offering high-quality video capture and advanced features such as PTZ functionality and smart analytics. Their discreet design suits various environments, including businesses, homes, and public areas. With cutting-edge surveillance technology, Dahua Dome Cameras provides reliable and comprehensive security solutions to protect your assets and property.

Dahua Technology’s 8MP Network Camera provides versatile solutions for effective monitoring in challenging conditions and low-light environments. With its discreet design and high-quality video capture at 3840 x 2160 resolution and 15 fps, this camera offers reliable surveillance capabilities to protect your premises and assets. It has advanced features such as PTZ functionality, smart analytics, and smart motion detection.

Whether for businesses, homes, or public areas, Dahua Domes, like the N82AL32, offer cutting-edge surveillance technology, access control, and IR LEDs for property protection. These cameras also utilize Smart H 265+ video compression to reduce bandwidth and storage requirements without compromising video quality. They are suitable for many applications, including a wide dynamic range of up to 147.64 ft. With proactive video security and real-time analytics, you can trust these cameras to keep your property and assets safe. Dahua’s switches and SD cards are also excellent choices for analog-to-IP conversion, cost-effective transmission extension, and analog brackets.

How does the image clarity of the Dome Security Cameras N82AL32 compare to other CCTV cameras within the same category?

The Dahua Dome Security Cameras N82AL32 provide unmatched image quality in their category. With their 8MP resolution and cutting-edge image processing technology, these cameras guarantee clear and detailed footage, offering the highest protection and surveillance capabilities.

What are the main features?

  • Dahua dome security cameras offer a range of advanced features to ensure high-quality video footage and effective monitoring capabilities.
  • These features include high-resolution imaging, 4K Ultra HD and beyond options, day/night functionality, and infrared (IR) LEDs for nighttime monitoring.
  • Some models also feature WDR technology to capture clear images in high-contrast lighting conditions.
  • PTZs allow for remote pan, tilt, and zoom control, making it easy to track moving subjects and adjust the viewing angle.
  • Additionally, many Dahua dome cameras are designed to be vandal-resistant, making them suitable for installation in public areas or tamper-prone locations.dfw wholesale security logo
  • Audio input and output capabilities are also available in many models, allowing for two-way audio communication or audio recording.
  • Outdoor dome cameras offered by Dahua have IP66 or higher ratings, ensuring they can withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • Advanced video compression technology, such as H.265+, reduces storage and bandwidth requirements while maintaining high-quality video.
  • Some Dahua dome cameras also include built-in analytics features like motion detection, intrusion detection, and facial recognition, providing intelligent monitoring capabilities.
  • Finally, PoE support simplifies installation by providing power and data connectivity through a single Ethernet cable, and privacy masking features allow users to obscure specific areas within the camera’s field of view for privacy protection.
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ir surveillance so you can see better into the night
dahua technology takes you to the next level
hd surveillance for the quality


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