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ENS Diamond 12MP HNC7I7201 Security Camera


ENS Diamond 12MP HNC7I7201 Security Camera

This ENS Diamond 12MP HNC7I7201 Security Camera is a multi-sensor housing with a 12MP+ resolution and a 2.8-12mm MZ lens. It has infrared night vision, DWDR, and an IP67 water resistance rating. Unfortunately, it is not NDAA compliant. It comes with basic VCA, face detection, human/vehicle classification, and people counting. Additionally, it has hardware features such as alarm in/out, audio in/out, POE, and an SD card slot.

ENS Diamond 12MP HNC7I7201 Security Camera


HNC7I7201-IRM2-Z-S2, ENS Diamond 12MP HNC7I7201 Security Camera This ENS Diamond 12MP HNC7I7201 Security Camera features four 5-megapixel 1/2.7-inch CMOS image sensors, which can capture high-definition images even in low-light environments. It can output up to 4 channels of video, each with a maximum resolution of 5 megapixels (2592 × 1944) at 25/30 frames per second.

The device supports the region of interest (ROI), SMART H.264+/H.265+ encoding, and flexible coding, making it suitable for various bandwidth and storage environments. Additionally, all four channels can be enabled simultaneously, offering intelligent functions such as face detection, IVS, and people counting.

· Advanced detection capabilities: The system is equipped with intelligent features such as tripwire, intrusion, and fast-moving detection, allowing for accurate identification and classification of vehicles and humans. It can also detect abandoned and missing objects, identify loitering individuals, and detect gatherings of people. Additionally, it can detect vehicles parked in unauthorized areas.
· Streamlined viewing: The system supports the simultaneous display of multiple images on a single channel, allowing for easier monitoring and analysis.
· User-friendly interface: The Web5.0 interface design ensures the system is easy to navigate and operate, providing a seamless user experience.
· Enhanced night vision: With the built-in IR LED illuminator, the system can provide clear visibility up to a distance of 30 meters in low-light conditions.
· Thorough integration: The system offers diverse alarm input and output options, audio input and output capabilities, and utilizes RS-485 connectivity. Additionally, it can support up to 256G Micro-SD cards for storage expansion.
·. The maximum current supported is dependent on the specific system configuration.

When looking for a multi-sensor housing security camera, it is important to consider several factors. The resolution should be 12MP or higher to ensure clear and detailed footage. The lenstop quality install camera badge dfw wholesale security type should be 2.8-12mm motorized zoom for flexibility in adjusting the field of view. Night vision capabilities, such as infrared/IR, are essential for monitoring in low-light conditions. Digital wide dynamic range (DWDR) enhances image quality by balancing light and dark areas.

Water resistance rating is also crucial, with IP67 being desirable for outdoor use. Compliance with the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is another important factor in ensuring the camera meets government standards.

Regarding video content analysis (VCA) features, basic VCA, face detection, human/vehicle classification, and people counting can enhance surveillance capabilities. The HNC7I7201 Security Camera hardware features, such as alarm input/output, audio input/output, power over ethernet (PoE), and an SD card slot, can also improve functionality and convenience. It’s important to carefully evaluate these specifications when selecting the ideal multi-sensor housing security camera.

HNC7I7201 Security Camera Weight 0.97 lbs
HNC7I7201 Security Camera Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in


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