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What is access control, and why is it important?

Access control pertains to the methods and mechanisms used to manage and govern entry and usage of a physical or online area. It is important because it helps protect sensitive information, restrict unauthorized entry, prevent theft, and ensure the safety of individuals and assets.

What are the three types of access control?

TVT access control products A05C, fort worth security camerasThe three main types of access control are physical, logical, and administrative access control. Physical access control involves restricting physical entry to a building or specific areas within a building through measures such as locks, keys, and security systems. Logical access control involves controlling electronic entrance to computer networks, systems, and data through passwords, encryption, and biometric authentication. It also includes tools and protocols to identify, authenticate, and authorize users in computer systems. 

The controller system enforces data, processes, programs, and systems measures. Administrative access control refers to the policies and procedures that govern who has entry to certain resources or information within an organization, including roles and permissions assigned to individuals or groups. In addition to these three types, there are four main types of access control. Organizations typically choose the method that makes the most sense based on their unique security and compliance requirements. The four access control models are the main types of access control products.

Control and Manage Access to Your Home or Facility

DFW Wholesale Security specializes in creating secure environments for manage tvt access control products, dfw wholesale security, entry control, fort worthhomes, residential buildings, and Dallas/Fort Worth businesses through our professional access control products and solutions, including DAC systems. Our customized systems ensure authorized individuals can enter designated areas appropriately while keeping unauthorized parties out. Our focus is on enhancing safety, convenience, and efficiency, and our tailored solutions address both physical and cybersecurity needs to provide comprehensive protection for your property.


There are several advantages to implementing technology to safeguard your personnel, structures, and valuables. DFW Wholesale Security offers tailored access control systems that provide numerous benefits for facilities of all sizes, including:

– Ensuring a secure workplace for employees, visitors, and contractors

– 24/7/365 security for residents of apartment buildings or dormitories
– Safeguarding high-security zones, sensitive information, networks, and equipment
– Assuring safe and dependable building evacuation during emergencies
– A scalable infrastructure that can expand based on your security requirements.
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Some Popular TVT Access Control products we carry.

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TVT access control products A05C, fort worth security cameras