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N82AL32 Dahua Dome Security Cameras 8MP IP

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N82AL32 Dahua Dome Security Cameras

The N82AL32 Dahua Dome Security Cameras are outdoor 8MP IP dome security cameras equipped with a 2.8mm fixed lens with a resolution of 8MP. It also features IR capabilities and N82AL32 Dahua Dome Security Camera ip 8mputilizes the H.265+ video compression technology. This camera is part of the Arctic Pro series.

This device offers compression options, including Smart H.265 Plus, Smart H.264 Plus, H.265, H.264, H.264B, and MJPEG.

The horizontal field of view is 105 degrees.dahua hikvision technology

The maximum frame rate and resolution are 15fps at 3840 x 2160.

The lens is fixed with a 2.8mm size, and the sensor is CMOS with a length of 1/2.7″.

The device is protected with IP67 IK10 and designed for outdoor use.

The aperture is F2.0.

What are Dahua Dome Security Cameras?

Dahua dome security cameras fort worth 8mp ip

Dahua dome security cameras offer versatile security solutions for efficient monitoring. Their discreet design, high-quality video capture, advanced features like PTZ functionality, and smart analytics provide reliable and complete surveillance capabilities. Whether for businesses, homes, or public areas, Dahua Dome Cameras delivers cutting-edge surveillance technology to safeguard your property and assets.

What are the main features of Dahua Dome Security Cameras?

  • Clear, detailed video footage is ensured by many Dahua dome security cameras that offer high-resolution imaging, including options for 4K Ultra HD and more.
  • Dahua dome security cameras typically have Day/Night functionality for round-the-clock surveillance, often equipped with infrared (IR) LEDs for nighttime monitoring.
  • In high-contrast lighting conditions, such as areas with bright sunlight and deep shadows, some models are equipped with WDR technology to capture clear images.
  • Remote pan, tilt, and zoom control are possible with Dahua PTZ dome cameras, making them ideal for tracking moving subjects and adjusting the camera’s viewing angle.
  • Installation in public areas or tamper-prone locations is viable, with many Dahua dome cameras designed to be vandal-resistant.dfw wholesale security logo
  • Audio input and output capabilities are available in many Dahua dome cameras, allowing for two-way audio communication or audio recording.
  • Outdoor dome cameras offered by Dahua have IP66 or higher ratings to withstand exposure to harsh weather conditions.
  • By incorporating advanced video compression technology like H.265+, Dahua cameras reduce storage and bandwidth requirements while maintaining high-quality video.
  • Built-in analytics features, such as motion detection, intrusion detection, and facial recognition, provide intelligent monitoring capabilities in some Dahua dome cameras.
  • Dahua dome security cameras often support PoE, simplifying installation by providing power and data connectivity through a single Ethernet cable.
  • Privacy masking features may be included in Dahua cameras, allowing users to obscure specific areas within the camera’s field of view for privacy protection.


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