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4MP ENS SIP44T3-G28-K Dome Security Camera

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  • The camera offers a turret housing, 4MP resolution, and a 2.8mm fixed lens.
  • It also features infrared/IR and starlight night vision capabilities.
  • Additionally, it has true WDR, an IP67 water resistance rating, and basic VCA and face detection features.
  • The camera is not NDAA compliant and has POE and SD card hardware features.

4MP IP ENS SIP44T3-G28 Dome Security Camera


4MP IP ENS SIP44T3-G28 Dome Security Camera

ENS SIP44T3-G28 Dome Security Camera 4mpExplore our all-new 4MP ENS SIP44T3-G28 Dome Security Camera at the best price. It is a cutting-edge surveillance system combining sleek design and advanced technology. Equipped with a 4mp IP Turret, this camera captures high-quality video footage that provides a clear view of any monitored location. Whether you need to secure your home, office, or any other space, the ENS SIP44T3-G28 4mp IP Dome Security Camera is a reliable and efficient solution.

Its dome shape offers a tamper-proof and discreet option for surveillance purposes. With its IP capabilities, this camera allows remote access and monitoring from anywhere worldwide. If you’re searching for a top-notch security camera that delivers excellent performance and peace of mind, look no further than the ENS SIP44T3-G28 Dome Security Camera.


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Weight 1.806 lbs
Dimensions 5.551 × 5.906 × 5.906 in


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